Just One Day

Short Films

Time slips away so easily, but the decisions you make will define what is to come and life is that, all about making decisions.

Produced by The Userguide Films
Written and Directed by Yap Ben-ji & Jonathan Poon
Assistant Director: Ng Choon Han
Assistant Producer: Samantha Chai
Production Assistant: Daniel Yee
Concept Art & Storyboarding: Anastasia Audrey

Michelle Tan as Emma
Duta Nguyen as Sam
Nicolas Seow as Joshua

Music by:
Alex J Martin – (https://soundcloud.com/alexaander-j-m…)

Cover Music by Alabasters
Traveller’s Song by Future of Forestry (http://www.futureofforestry.com/)

Special Thanks!
Samuel Yee & Kristy Tan
David & Susanna Gan
Victor Lau
Instill Films
Brian Ong & Family
Ronnie Cheung